Edie's First day of Mothers Day Out

I have been so busy with so many things that I neglected to tell everyone that Edie has started MDO at First Baptist Alabaster. This is a photo of Edie all dressed up and ready for her first day of school. She attends Mondays and Fridays from 9-2. She has 4 teachers and around 12 kids in her class. The first day was a little tough. She started to cry once I was leaving the room and I wanted so badly to go back in and get her but I knew I couldn't. She did not eat very well for the teachers and cried a good bit. The past few days have been a lot better. When I picked her up today she was scooting around the floor playing with a toy and smiling at the other kids. The teachers said that she had been all over the room all day meeting everyone. They also said that she plays very well with others and seems to really enjoy being with the other children. I am so glad that she is making new friends. I am not sure if it is the MDO or what, but Edie has been talking up a storm lately! Her therapist at The Bell Center was so impressed with her sounds today. Fridays also make for a verylong day for Edie now that she goes to MDO from 9-1 (I have to pick her up early on Fridays) and then to The Bell Center from 2-3. So far she has been a real trooper. I know I say this a lot - but I am so proud of her. She has accomplished so much this past year.

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  1. Congratulations! I know that first day was tough on Mom, that is for sure. I'm sure she will enjoy going to MDO and so will you. Those other kiddies are going to encourage her to do all sorts of things. Talking is just the first of many things probably!

  2. Giddo and Gigi18.1.09


    You look so cute on your first day of school. We miss having you with us on Monday but know you are having so much fun with your new little friends and learning so much. We love you verfy much.


    Gigi and Giddo