Edie and Allie

Edie had a special visitor this Sunday - Allie Lovell. We met Allie and her parents while in the NICU. We had dinner and visited while Edie and Allie played. As you can see they are both very attached to their pink shakers. It is funny that they both have the exact same one. Tim and Sandy commented that Allie has a lot of the same toys too. Not only do our girls share the same toys but they also share the same pediatrician, cardiologist and ENT. Both Allie and Edie were discharged from the NICU on the same day. Afterwards we would run into them at almost every Dr. visit. I know God had a hand in it all. He made the connection and he knew we would develop a really wonderful friendship. And the Lovell's could not be more wonderful.

It was fun to get together with them and share experiences as well as insights and compare notes. Sometimes as new parents it is hard to know if you are doing the right things or not. But it seems as though we are all on the right track. Our babies are doing really great things and making great progress. Allie is 14 months old, you can see more of Allie on her blog which is linked to Edie's. I look forward to watching these two grow up together and knowing that we are all in this together is comforting. It is great to have friends who know and feel exactly some of the same things we do. Sandy is planning to get together a "Mom's Club" to meet every so often just to get together and let our children play with one another. Which I know Edie would love just as much as I would!

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  1. We had such a wonderful time visiting with all of you! We both agree, too, that God has brought us together for all the reason you mentioned. I'm excited about Allie and Edie growing up together. We all have so much to learn and I can tell already that it will be so much fun! Thanks for letting us come play!