Dear Ladybug

Dearest Edie,

This weekend we hosted the First Annual Ladybug Fundraiser in your honor. Over 100 friends and family joined together to celebrate you and The Bell Center where you attend school. You laughed, played, went from friend to friend without fussing one time, until you fell fast asleep in Giddo's arms. You were an Angel as always. We are so proud of you and all of the things you have accomplished these past 10 months. We are also so grateful to you for giving us this opportunity to come together. You are so loved, by so many people and this event reminded us of that.

In just a few months Daddy, Aunt Mindy, Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Eric and Mr. Matt will be running in a Marathon of Love. For you and for all of your friends at The Bell Center. And we will be there together again with so many loved ones cheering them on!

We are so thankful that God sent you to us. We have been so blessed by you, your smile, your laugh and your love. You have such a wonderful personality that captures everyone you meet. You have won over so many hearts all around the world. You are our perfect little ladybug. We look forward to the future and seeing what a wonderful lady you become. You have made such an impact in so many people in just 10 short months. We can not wait to see what you do next! We love you so much!

All of our Love,
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. http://www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook

    Your letter touched me & I thought you would like this link in case you don't already know that you can print your blog. I think Ash had a previous post about printing (earlier this year). I'm so proud of her, and I really wanted some of her sweet sugar. I'm really bummed I wasn't able to come. I would donate my whole paycheck to her, but I figure the kids need to eat, right? Sweet baby girl...

  2. Hey, this is Tim, I wanted to say congratulations on your success with your fundraiser. We wish we could have attended but we were busy that night. Also, good luck with the training and running in the marathon. I wanted to participate but I waited a little to late to prepare. Sandy, Allie and I will be at the run showing our support. Your blog is wonderful.

    Take care
    Tim Lovell

  3. Giddo and GiGi30.11.08

    To our sweet granddaughter, Edie,

    What a wonderful night it was. It was all done out of love for you. We thank God every day for you, our precious gift, and pray that we can give you as much love as you have brought to us. The Bell Center is a wonderful place. Your Mom and Dad, family and friends are doing everything they can to make sure other children have the same opportunity to learn and grow
    that you are experiencing. They are all doing a fantastic job.

    We love you so much and look forward to every new day and the new things you are learning. God Bless you always! Many kisses.