In case you missed it the 1st time

Just in case you did not see this picture the first time I wanted to share again. We had it up for a short while before I changed the page layout. This is Edie at the Disney store at the Galleria. She had a ball in the sea of stuffed animals!

So much has happened since my last blog. We have raised over $1000.00 for "Team Ladybug"!! Edie's blog has been visited over 2200 times since it first began in May!! I turned 32!! And Edie is saying "da-da"!! Scott and I went to the Dave Ramsey Live seminar (glad to know we are on the right track - sad to know according to Dave I must give up my pedicures). We later had dinner and went bowling. The score was 387 to 415 after 3 games and guess who had 415? Me! That's right Edie - Mommy beat Daddy in bowling! It is not very often that I win at an event that requires athletic ability unless you count cheer leading (b/c it certainly was not softball in high school). So I am happy to gloat.

I left this morning for Vail, CO. This will be a short trip so leaving was not quite as hard this time. I do have to tell you though that when I went up to kiss Edie goodbye it was pitch black in her room. I reached in her crib to try and find her head and when I reached in Edie greeted me with her tiny hand. She had it straight up in the air and it was the first thing I touched. I held it for a few moments before kissing her on the cheek. I wanted so bad to pick her up and hug her before I left.

I can not wait to see her Friday morning. Each time I get home late after a trip and she has already fallen asleep it is like Christmas eve when I was little (who am I kidding - even now). I can not sleep the night before and I wake early to wait for Edie to wake up so I can hold her and play. I can not wait for Friday morning!!

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