Where Does the Time Go?

Before I realized - practically two weeks have gone by! I have been in Austin, Miami and now Scott is in LA this week for training. I am in his shoes this week being both mommy and daddy. I must say I am exhausted. My days have been similar to "Groundhog Day". Poor little Ziggy. She has been so neglected, as have the ferns. I just can not remember anything lately.

Great news however! Edie has been moved to the big kid classroom and is now in "Learning Leaps". Today was her first time. From what I understand they have circle time with several other toddlers where they play and sing songs and enter act more with one another. I know she is so excited to be around other babies. Gigi said that they do not normally move babies to this class as young as Edie, but since she is doing so well they gave it a go. They feel that she will do just fine and she will continue in this new class. I am excited to see what it is all about on Friday!

Edie is working hard to perfect her sitting and has now began to play more while sitting. We also have started to eat puffs (if I did not mention this before), learn to drink from a cup as well as a straw, and eat pureed meat. We are so proud of her. She is so sweet. We could have not asked for a better baby. I hope she can feel how much she is loved.

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