Our Soccer Champ!

We enjoyed a Saturday of watching Edie's cousin Wyatt play soccer and afterwards playing at Wyatt and Wesley's house. Wyatt plays hard and has such a good time encouraging his team on. Afterwards Edie and I picked Scott up from the airport and headed to a friends home for the game. Roll Tide Roll!! Edie was not interested in the game or in sleeping, just people watching. She does not want to miss anything!

On Sunday Edie had her first experience in the church nursery. Scott and I were both nervous and excited. To be honest I could hardly pay attention to the service because I was so worried about how she was doing. Were they playing with her, feeding her like she is used to being fed? Were they rocking her or was she just sitting in there in a crib crying? When we got her the ladies told us she did not want her bottle and she became fussy and fell asleep. She was still sleeping. I know I have to do it - but it is very hard to leave her with strangers, even at church. After church we went to Gigi and Giddo's for a yummy birthday brunch.

So after another whirlwind weekend I am back on the road. I was heartbroken this morning when I had to leave for Denver. I went up to kiss Edie goodbye. Once I did she woke, raised her head up and moaned a few times. It was hard for me to hold in my tears because all I could think was that she was asking me not to leave. I could still hear her talking as I walked down the stairs. I cried on my drive to the airport. I love her so much, it hurts to leave her. It hurts to leave period especially after Scott was gone last week. I can not wait until the day comes that I can just be at home, all of the time with my family. I work........to work towards that day.
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  1. GiGi and Giddo1.10.08


    We love your new picture. You're so adorable. We love you.

  2. Aunt Kelli12.10.08

    Beckham had better look out! Wyatt is beginning to perfect some of his moves: growling as he runs after the ball, kicking inside the pack, and cheering for his team-mate Austin (who scores all our goals). I can't wait until Edie is big enough to get out there and take on Wyatt with Wesley.