The Bell Center

Edie has been attending The Bell Center in Homewood since she was six weeks old. This is an early intervention center where she will receive therapy until she is three years old. They provide therapy to children with DS, ones who were born prematurely and many others with special needs. In the toddler age groups they also include "typical" children. These are usually siblings of a another child who is attending the center. They say it is good to have this type of mixture because it allows each child to look towards one another for motivation.
This past spring we attended two times per week (we are now out for a two week break). During these times either a Speech, Occupational or Physical therapist would work with her for an hour each time. We (the parents and/or grandparents) would watch and learn different techniques to use at home to help with Edie's developmental skills. Each therapist as well as our Pediatrician are extremely pleased with her progress thus far.
Next week we will begin the Summer Program. Edie will still go two times each week but this time we will do the work and the therapist will assist us by answering questions and guiding us to reach specific goals. We will also be working along with two other groups at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing what Edie learns to do next!


  1. Anonymous6.6.08

    Edie is beautiful.

  2. Pam /Norma6.6.08

    Your GiGi at Summer Classics loves you - you are amazing

    Your only little black aunt loves you too from Summer Classics.

    We will be checing in on you

  3. Shannon6.6.08

    She is so precious! Thanks so much for sharing! She's absolutely adorable! Edie & Alex need to swim & play soon!! XoXo...

  4. Edie, you are precious!! Can't wait to see at the reunion in September. Bobby and Wanda