We Continue to Be Amazed!

We are so amazed by Edie. She is growing so fast and doing so many great things. She has learned to smack on her hands, hold her feet, blow spit bubbles, coo and make noise, roll from her back to her stomach (still working on getting back over), holding her head up while on her stomach and while being supported by her torso. Just to be four months old we feel she is doing great!
Last week while I was out of town Scott thought he would see what she would do if he let her sleep in her "Big Girl Bed" instead of the bassinet in our room. And to no surprise she did great! Edie has slept through the night practically since we brought her home. of course she sometimes wakes during the night but she quickly falls back to sleep on her own. She is officially a "Big Girl" sleeping in her own room. I must admit I miss having her sleeping beside me, but I knew the time was coming and I am proud of Scott for making the move that I could not.

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